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Yvonne is back now full time!! Shoulder fully mended, and raring to go!!!

Im back full time!!

Its no good, been part time for the last four years and even though that has been lovely to watch my son grow its time for me to return back to work full!!! In all honesty glad to be back, had forgotton how much i enjoy the atmosphere of the salon. Im now working tuesday to saturday so looking forword to seeing you all soon xxx

im getting another cat!!!

well i as you all know i love my cats and after my cat patch has gone missing im going to pick a new kitten tonight. I think that i have an addiction to cats if there is such a thing ha ha. Ive been a rather busy bee last week its was sams fourth birthday i just cant belive time has gone so quick i still remember my meal with the gang just before i had sam like it was yesterday. Still no news on my fourth coming op so as soon as i know my dates i’ll let … Read More


Dan makeing me do this, Im not very good on the laptop unlesss im looking at plenty of fish!!! Out with the ladies this week, bring it on.

The kitten I reared from one day old. So proud!!

Yvonne back! Kitten now at new home!

Great rest I needed that. Kitten has now gone to his/her new home. Photo coming soon!

what a weekend!!!

well after one crazy day yesterday i am well and truly shatterd, it was like christmas here yesterday it was that busy. Im finishing early today which is nice but im off to rush home and get ready for my bbq that im hosting. should be good fun so many people coming the gang from work are all coming so its going to be a hoot. Im also saying goodbye to pip today who is going for a fresh start all the best chick.

My First Real Post

Getting to grips with the web site, and we have had a few little teething issues, but hopefully this blog will publish with no issues. On the subject of teething issues, and on a slightly removed subject to hair, the week before last a new born kitten appeared abandoned on my back door step!! I have been weaning it since with kitten milk, and a syringe every two hours so he/she has had to accompany me into work. I noticed on weekend it has already acquired teeth! If you want to see it, here is a somewhat out of focus … Read More

This computer stuff confusing