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loving the weather!!!

on monday myself and the girls done some  voucher dropping around caerphilly and cardiff, we decided to give some lucky people out there £25 of our colour services so i hope some of you who are reading this was lucky enough to get one!! it was a brilliant day and im very greatfull for the girls giving up they’re time.

colour changes !!!!!

well this past few weeks have been manic with colour changes i have never changed so many colours in such a short space of time!!!! I would say its the sun makeing people want to go lighter but that hasnt been the case cos where is the sun been hiding!!! I have been doing a few weddings to and got another one on bank holiday monday very exited for that one its my very first civil partnership and the couple sound lovely!!!! bit quiet in the salon today so im training becca on some colour keys work, her colouring is … Read More

ive moved house how scary!!!

well after 2 weeks of moving from one home to matts nans(which i just couldnt settle in) we are finally in our stunning little terrace house in porset row, all though i had a week off not so long ago i feel i need another after carrying all those boxes!! I just dont know how gordon has moved 0ver 7 times after 1 time i never want to do it again. well im exited about these next coming months in the salon im working very close with becca in her training so that we can push her forwod so that … Read More


well i havnt bloged for a while so thought id better, im bloody knackerd this week just cant sleep a wink being home alone is rather freaky. salon has been a bit dead this week but already our december is getting busy so i think we are going to have a good christmas rush. Im addicted to tattoos at the moment much to gordons horror lol yvonnes new fella has been inking me up as they say lol. im loving his work but the pain ouch. well better dash foils to do its strange but i love foiling so relaxing.

time to blog

well as im not very busy today thought id better blog, im feeling in a rather positive mood today some good things going on in my life. The salon is running so brilliant at the moment touch wood it satys like this. Huge thank you to jodie and becca for makeing our working life run so smoothly doing me proud girls. I would like to say a huge well done to a dear client of my’n karina on a successful opening night of her play. If any one is free tonight or tomorrow go see handbags and humbugs in caerphilly … Read More


I cant belive the volume and hold im getting from the new super hero range, just used superdust on a client with very fine hair. After working it through her she had super thick locks. Loreal really have brought us a product that works and ads to our creativity. BIG HAIR IS BACK BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!

how cold is it!!!!

oh my word i could not belive the cold this morning!!! ice on the windscreen not a good sign for the winter to come i think. well i have a rather quiet day in the salon today so thought id come and do some blogging. Nothing much to report this end in the world of me i booked a holiday ready for next year so have 9 months to get over my fear of flying or matt will be going on his own lol. Im pleased with how the girls training is going beccas blowdrys are fab and jodis colours … Read More

week off.

After a few crazy weeks in the salon im finally getting a chance to blog!!!! Im so proud of my work team at the moment the salon is running brilliantly we are one big happy team. Im also loving the new clients that we have been getting in the salon so thanks to all regular clients for spreading the word about our work. To all my clients im on a weeks holiday next week as i need a break after these crazy few weeks. I’ll be back in work on the 11 of october so ill see you all soon.

what a week lasy week was!!

hi evryone sorry i didnt get a chance to blog last week was just one mental week here. We were rushed off our feet all week the buzz in the salon was amazing i want to thank yvonne and jodi and the one and only gordy for all the hard work they put in the salon ran great and all the clients were very happy leaving. better go and do my next clients ive my fav jet setter in for her roots and a goss about her exotic holiday speak soon xx