Monthly Archives: September 2011

free blowdrys with becca tuesday to thursday

As a part of beecas training program we are now offering free blowdrys with her tuesday to thursday. So if you are going anywhere speacial or just cant be botherd to wash your hair pop in for one of her amazing head massages and a silky smooth blowdry.

week off.

After a few crazy weeks in the salon im finally getting a chance to blog!!!! Im so proud of my work team at the moment the salon is running brilliantly we are one big happy team. Im also loving the new clients that we have been getting in the salon so thanks to all regular clients for spreading the word about our work. To all my clients im on a weeks holiday next week as i need a break after these crazy few weeks. I’ll be back in work on the 11 of october so ill see you all soon.

The kitten I reared from one day old. So proud!!

Yvonne back! Kitten now at new home!

Great rest I needed that. Kitten has now gone to his/her new home. Photo coming soon!

Becca and Jodie have the art of a true head massage

Becca and Jodie, have settled in well into salon life. They have truly mastered the art of our unique CRACKED ACTORS HEAD MASSAGE. Next time you come in you can find out!!

welcome back Gordon/ yvonne off next week

After a nice week away in the sun shine of isle of white Gordon is back fully charged and ready to go. For all Yvonnes clients she has a week off next week due to sam starting school so if you need to see her hurry in this week. Today the salon is closed to clients from 12.30 to 3.30 due to the cycle race that is happening in caerphilly. We will still be in the salon so if you need appointments just give us a call so we can sort them for you. We hope to see you all very … Read More

salon news

For all of Gordons clients followig us at the moment he is away this week so his first day back in work is 14 of september he has took his girlfriend to the isle of white(i think she was hoping for somewhere more exotic bless her but we all know what gords like with flying) Today we also welcome a new face to the crackedactors family Becca is our new trainee who is very exited bout this new chapter in her life and the training she will gain from us.

what a week lasy week was!!

hi evryone sorry i didnt get a chance to blog last week was just one mental week here. We were rushed off our feet all week the buzz in the salon was amazing i want to thank yvonne and jodi and the one and only gordy for all the hard work they put in the salon ran great and all the clients were very happy leaving. better go and do my next clients ive my fav jet setter in for her roots and a goss about her exotic holiday speak soon xx